Hey folks,

Another late update. My first week as Art and Story Director was very full. So far, I’ve caught a couple online classes on filmmaking, rearranged my office, met with one of my mentors, met with the youth ministry to see how we can help them, shot a post-mission interview, spent much of Friday with the Sharpen Tech Conference’s keynote speaker, hosted/attended the conference itself on Saturday, and dressed up as the disciple John to tell some stories in our Children’s Ministry.

I spent all day Saturday learning about how Bethel Media approaches storytelling and followed them through pre-production, principal production, and post-production. God’s timing on all of this has just been amazing. The week I’m hired to look after storytelling at RockPointe, Bethel (a church in California) sends us their Executive Producer to teach on story. Such an amazing way to start. I’m very inspired to put everything I’ve learned to good use in the weeks to come.

Looking forward, I’ll be spending a lot of this week sitting in more meetings with ministry leads. As we figure out what each ministry is looking to accomplish with story, we’ll be able to create a plan and dive right into projects. That’s perhaps the thing I’m most excited about: getting into actually creating art and telling stories for the church.

I should be back on schedule next week with more of my regular articles. Thanks for tracking along with me over the past few weeks. It’s been an exciting, and exhausting, adventure.