Hey all. I’m currently in line for a panel on writing comics and wanted to post a quick update.

The panel went really well on Friday. Around 90 people or so came to hear about hope and purpose in post-apocalyptic fiction. We had great conversation after, and I had someone find me afterwards to talk further. I did a short questionnaire on people’s views of the apocalypse, which I will go over next week.

I’ve also had the great pleasure to run into some friends I haven’t seen since college. It’s always awesome to reconnect and I’m looking forward to building into some old friendships.

Now, my back is a little sore, my brain is fried from over stimulation, and I’ve dropped more money on parking than I have in a long time, but it’s been great. I can’t wait to hopefully become even more involved next year. 

Finally, if you came to my panel and didn’t fill out an evaluation for on your way out, please download the app and rate the panel. You get entered for free passes for next year, and if I’m well reviewed, I have a better chance of being invited back.