Well, everyone, I have some good news today. Not the Good News kind of news, but exciting nonetheless (and definitely related to the Good News sort).

As of May 1st, I will be in full-time ministry!

I have been hired as the new formed Director of Art and Story at RockPointe Church, here in Calgary. My main duties will be fostering discipleship amongst our drama, film, and visual art teams, and telling stories of what God is up to in our midst.

It’s terribly exciting.

Even though this is a dream job for me, even more exciting is seeing how God has been working throughout the journey.

God pulled my wife and I out of the arts community and onto a path towards church ministry. However, as the years went by, our heart for the arts community grew. God was slowly drawing us back into the arts. This was confusing, because we felt pulled between church and the arts, and there didn’t seem to be much in the way of the middle. We prayed for guidance, but could only hear one word: “Wait.”

So, we did. We’ve spent three years building a drama ministry, waiting for God to provide a bigger answer. But there was still a lot of “Wait.” Not being particularly good at that, we applied for other jobs all over the place. Pastoral, secular, writing, administration, anything, really. But the doors were always closed. Often, JUST closed, which was even more frustrating at the time.

Finally, about a year ago, I had a frank conversation with God about what was going on. He told me that something was just around the corner and I still had to wait, but I wasn’t totally satisfied. He then reminded me that He had called me to serve the arts community. When I pushed back that I needed Him to provide a job for me to do that, He just asked, “Do you?”

That was a huge change for me.

Our calling does not rely upon a job. That struck me like a tidal wave, and we began to think up ways to get back to serving. We started hosting artists at our house. We got more involved with creatives we know. We started planning for an Arts Chaplaincy and making contacts along the way.

And then, a month or two ago, we started to hear that God was about to “give us the land.” Shortly after, I was offered a new job, one that fits me to a T.

So now, we feel like we’re on the edge of the Jordan River. We have an adventure before us and God has given us the means to really dive into it. The Promised Land wasn’t a paradise when the Israelites showed up. It was full of danger. But they trusted, and God provided.

I have faith that God has big plans for this ministry and for our family.

Thanks for being with us for the journey thus far. Let’s go change the world.