I love God. I love the life He has given to me. I love the purpose He has planted in my soul. But I have to admit, sometimes following His will is the hardest thing I ever do.

I haven’t been writing on EpicTheology a lot lately because I’ve just been busy with life. I’m writing plays, books, emails, videos, and readings. I’m hosting Open Mic nights and Laser Tag events and Shakespeare readings. I’m trying to love my wife and raise my two boys to be strong, compassionate men. I’m also working a couple jobs and trying to be a better employee. For a while, I was also trying to get into great shape, but that fell by the wayside as soon as the weather turned colder.

All this to say, life is full. Full of love, full of work, full of great things that God has asked us to do. And I wouldn’t exchange it for the world.

But there is one thing that nags at me like a splinter in my foot.

Over the past year, God has put a vision into my mind. It is a vision for a ministry that reaches out to the artists of Calgary. That meets them and ministers to them on their terms, in their language. It aims to meet their needs in a way that the established church does not. It brings together my past life as an actor and my current life as a pastor-in-training. It’s all very exciting.

As this idea began to gel, things moved along quickly. My wife and I were meeting with people from all around the world to discuss this ministry. We had meetings with most of our church leaders, with our district, with other ministry partners. We spoke with artists and creators. And EVERYONE seems to be excited!

And then, the momentum slowed. Building excitement is one thing. Building funds is a completely other beast. We’ve come to a place where forward momentum is at a crawl, and it can be frustrating. There is the temptation to rail against the world, to wallow in pity and to claim that no one understands. But that’s neither true, nor helpful.

God has been teaching me something very important over the past couple months.

He has taught me that my idea of waiting is brutally narrow. In my head, waiting has always been a passive endeavour. Sitting still until its my turn. Building patience until something arrives. Doing nothing when all you want to do is act.

But that’s not what God is asking of me right now.

He is asking that I work while I wait. And not just at my ‘secular’ job. He wants me to work at this ministry as much as I am able until we can find funding to turn it into a full-time job (or really, a job at all). I have carried with me the idea that if God is calling me to something, He will open the doors to make it my career. I didn’t understand that His call is there regardless of what pays my bills.

So, now, we work. We reach out to our fellow actors. We build relationships with our neighbours. We write. We take odd gigs. And we keep having meetings to pursue this ministry as a full-fledged job. God has blessed us throughout, and I have no doubts He will continue to do so.

So, this week, remember that God’s call on your life is never put on hold. It might not look exactly like you think it will, but it’s always there.

To that end, go create. Even if you write a sentence here and there in your free time. Even if you draw one panel of your comic book a day. Even if you sing for your family as you get ready in the morning. Do what you can with what God has given you.

Remember the Parable of the Talents. Those who are faithful with a little will be entrusted with much. Be faithful.