2015 has been an exciting year for me. Welcoming our second child, graduating university, and finishing my first year of ministry all stand out as some of the big milestones of the year. Yet, 2015 has been full of smaller, yet significant events that have together made this an amazing year. I spent a lot of this year writing, between church dramas and films, final papers, and my first serious crack at a novel. I presented my capstone paper on “Superman: Jewish Messiah or Christian Christ,” at an academic conference. I finished a Spartan Race.


Perhaps most relevant to you, my readers, I finally got back onto the EpicTheology bandwagon after over a year of sporadic posting. As we close out 2015 and welcome in 2016, I want to look back at some of my favourite posts from this year. If you haven’t been keeping up, or are a new reader, this is a great time to see more of what EpicTheology is really about.

5. Why Christians Need to Stop Boycotting

This post had been on my mind since before the film Noah came out. The outrage that compelled some Christians to refuse to interact with a piece of film based upon hearsay and rumours was troubling to me. While it is true that there are films I won’t see because of their content and I defend anyone’s right to not see a film, calling everyone to do the same just doesn’t sit right with me. I believe in dialogue.

4. Lest We Forget

When I first read about the origin of this popular Remembrance Day phrase, I knew I had to write about it. I also love poetry and relish the opportunity to include more of it on EpicTheology. I welcome any poets to jump in the conversation with well versed tidbits of literary art.

3. A Slow Cup of Wisdom

Many people who know me well know two things about me. I love a good cup of tea (and probably drink 3-4 cups a day), and I’m usually really busy (like the rest of the world). This post is a good reminder to take some time, especially now at the end of the year, and ponder. Slow down, make a cup of tea, and perhaps whatever you’ve been worrying about will find it’s proper place.

2. Why We Don’t Actually Care About Slavery

This one was hard to write. It is hard to come face-to-face with just how awful our society can be to the rest of the world in the name of consumerism and materialism. It’s even harder to know that some of my daily choices directly impact this situation. This post was not incredibly popular when I first wrote it in October, but has recently become more widely read. I hope that we can continue to talk about what we can do to help those in a less fortunate position than we are, both at home and around the world.

1. Advent: All You Need is Love

I know this just came out a week ago, but go read it again. It’s one of my favourite things I’ve written all year, and it’s short. Just do it. And imagine someone from England reading it to you. It makes more sense that way.

To all of my faithful readers, thank you for making 2015 a great year to get back into blogging. Let’s make 2016 even more awesome!

Happy New Year everyone!