Well, after a couple months off, I’m back. It’s been a great summer so far, but we’ve been a little busy trying to finish my spring course while working and growing as a family. July saw my final projects handed in, so I have a month before it all begins again. I figured I would take the opportunity to get back into a rhythm of writing my thoughts so I would be in great form come the fall.

With that, I have some exciting news. I have been hired as a Dramatic Arts Ministry Coordinator at my church, which means I will be spending some time each week being part of the building of an arts ministry from scratch. It’s very part time for now, and the position’s future will be under review in a year, but it’s a start. If God so chooses, this ministry will leap forward, blessing our congregation and giving our artists a chance to create for God. If he chooses, it may also falter and fizzle out. That’s in his hands.

I hope to consistently update everyone on the trials and challenges of building and growing an Arts Ministry throughout the year. This will be in addition to our normal posts about film, faith, and whatever else I have to talk about.

For those who have been waiting for updates over the summer, thank you for your patience. We are about to embark on a new adventure, trying to instil the church with a love and passion for the arts from the inside.

I hope we’re ready! Only God knows if we are.