Hey folks,

It has been a crazy busy year! Working full time, going to school, and raising my son have all taken up a significant chunk of my time. I tried to keep everything going, but in the end, something had to take a lower priority, and Epic Theology drew the short straw.

Fortunately, all this time away from blogging has given me time to think of lots of awesome topics to talk about. I’ve got a couple Faith and Film entries to discuss, some probing questions, and even a short story that I want to run by everyone. It’s going to be an excellent summer for Epic Theology.

I’m hoping that everyone gets involved in the conversation. I love and appreciate every question, concern, and comment. Keep them coming, because I’m sure others are thinking along the same line you are. I am not the definitive voice for any of these issues we talk about on the blog. I’ve grown over the past ten months of blogging, and I hope you’ve been challenged as well.

We’re going to be starting with a two-post-per-week format, which will keep me from burning through ideas too quickly and running out of things to say before July. Monday and Friday will be when we post, so tune in.

We’ll begin on Friday with the first chapter of my short story, which will follow a robot’s journey with faith. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

I hope you are all set for an awesome summer (or winter, for my readers south of the equator). May God keep all of your safe and excited!