This has been a crazy week for my education! As I enter the last couple weeks of my semester, my future schooling options have become clearer. For those thinking about studying Theology in Western Canada, this might give a little insight into the path I am looking to take.

I just found out that my undergrad degree is going to be much easier to finish. Our registrar at Ambrose University College added five more transfer courses from my Theatre Diploma for my BA: Christian Studies Degree. I will now easily be able to finish next year. My four year degree will actually be done in four years! That’s pretty cool.

I also spent some today researching my options for graduate and post-grad studies, and I’m thoroughly excited for what’s available! I’m not sure when exactly I’ll be able to continue my education, but I’ve plotted it all out. The only downside to doing this while in undergraduate studies is that my bachelor degree classes seem far less exciting by comparison.

For my Masters Degree, I plan to study at Regent College in Vancouver. Their MA: Theological Studies allows us to specialize in Christianity and the Arts! Instead of a thesis, it appears that an arts project can be submitted instead. Courses such as “Ethics in Filmmaking,” “Jesus in Celluloid,” and “The Christian Imagination,” are exactly what Epic Theology is all about! We’re even able to take up to a third of the coursework in distance education, so I won’t have to move to Vancouver for very long! As long as the program is available when I’m ready for my graduate studies, this is definitely where I’d like to go.

With a mother who was born in Scotland, my options for schools are broader than most. For post-graduate studies, I’m leaning heavily toward St. Andrew’s University’s Divinity School. Scotland’s oldest university has a research institute called the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts. I will be able to do a PhD research project studying the relationship between the Church and the Arts. Looking over their mandates, they look to explore the exact connections between faith and art that Epic Theology is all about. They even have one student writing on the Theology of Superheroes! It’s very encouraging.

I’m not sure if my future is moving more towards an active participation in the arts, or a road towards the academy and becoming a professor. I figure this education will equip me well for either, or both, of these paths. If anyone else knows of excellent schools to study theology and the arts, I would love to look into more options. Who knows, maybe I’ve missed my dream school!

For all my Jewish friends and readers, Happy Hanukkah! I hope your festivities are full of warmth and joy. I plan on spending the next four weeks looking at Advent as I prepare for Christmas. If you hate Christmas, you may want to check out and come back in the new year. But I hope you stay and read with me!