Welcome to Epic Theology.

This blog is a place to explore the relationship between God and the arts. As an Arts Pastor-in-training, I have spent much of the past two years contemplating the relationship between God and artists, between artists and art, and between art and God. As a student, however, there are only so many papers that professors will accept on these subjects, and I have more that I want to say. I also know that my experience is limited and woefully inadequate for such an imposing conversation. That is what this blog is for: to start a conversation with other passionate people about two of my favourite things: God and art.

I admit my bias and viewpoint up front: I am a Christian above all. I was raised Catholic and am now a practicing Evangelical; Christ is the centre of my life. However, I want this blog to be a place for exciting and varied conversation. If you disagree with my thoughts on God, by all means, chime in. If you disagree with my thoughts on art, I relish the chance to chat.  It is a rare occurrence that we are challenged by those who agree with us,  and I have found the greatest opportunities for growth come through seeing the world from a different vantage point.

I believe we are all part of an over-arching narrative. A story of good and evil. A story of the brokenness of humanity and the miraculous power of forgiveness. A story of hope.  I get to see this grand story played out in miniature all the time, from the Christological imagery of Superman to the recurring cycle of life and death that plays out in a garden. I may be just a bit player in the meta-narrative of humankind, but I long to see the bigger picture of God’s work. If enough people get together to recount their experiences, I believe a clearer picture will come through. When we start to look for it, the spiritual story of the world is everywhere. I think that’s neat.

Many will read this first post and be done, having found what I have to say uninteresting, ignorant, or blasphemous. My hope is that some will continue on this journey with me, to agree or disagree with me as they are led. If this is you, I say welcome. The world is on a path through the most exciting adventure we could ever know and we can get involved if we want.  That, dear friends, is Epic Theology.